The ‘Y’ Family

Oh these guys… they are like family.  My kids are their kids are best friends.  We have worked together, played together, laughed and cried together, even vacationed together.  I have been taking their photos long before I started this business.  I even considered sharing one from our first shoot together, but thought I should get permission for that first.  It has been my joy to get to know and love them over the past 4 years and capture their family in these formal sessions, but also in our day to day lives.  I have pictures of our kids playing in the sand, eating…well everything, and living life together.  I have been able to hand off my camera and had pictures taken of me with my kids, which is something I will always be grateful for.

This year we shot these photos in the yard at their new home where we have worked together, played together and eaten together.  The kids have discovered frogs, made leaf forts and climbed trees.  They are creating memories. I’m honored and blessed to be able to be a part of it.  Peter and Leslie, thank you!


One thought on “The ‘Y’ Family

  1. Michelle, thank you so much! What a sweet write-up too, we feel the same! I am so excited to have a head start on my Christmas cards.

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