Advent Calendar – Michelle Mussari Photography – Doylestown, PA

It’s almost December 1st, which means if you’re planning to do an Advent Calendar, you need to get ready.  Last year was the first time we did one and it was one of the highlights of the Christmas Season.  I took inspiration from Pinterest and Blogs I follow, to come up with our version.  A friend of mine posted her Advent calendar with 25 days of Christmas scripture verses.  I’ll be adding these to our calendar this year.  To get the verses, check our her blog here.  I started with a long piece of ribbon, some mini clothes pins and gift tags.  These are from Costco, but you can get them anywhere.  I then cut small  squares from scrapbooking paper and purchased foam letters for each day of the month.  Glued these to the clothespins and voila! It’s an instant Advent calendar.

Although many Advent calendars have spots for little gifts or candy, I feel like my kids get plenty of both at this time of year.  So I took inspiration from this blog, about a giving jar and this one here about creating family memories.  I decided to combine both into our calendar.  One thing that I’m glad I did was to have the ability to move the tags around without messing up the order.  Sometimes, I wasn’t quite ready so I would just move the tags around to work with our schedule.   I also made sure I had some simple things, like making snowflakes or reading a Christmas book, with more elaborate activities like baking and delivering cookies for our firefighters and police officers.  And if you don’t want to make one, you can purchase this adorable one here. It happens to be a good friend of mine who makes them.  So get creative, have fun and make some new memories with your family.  Do you have an Advent calendar?  What are your favorite family traditions and memory makers?  Leave them in the comments below.


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