Michelle Mussari Photography – Amber and Eric’s Wedding

Here’s the thing… I love weddings.  But I’m past the wedding stage of life.  It happens to all of us.  All of a sudden everyone you know is getting married.  One year I had six weddings to attend from June to October, but that was in 2000…yes a long time ago. Then the weddings slow down and the baby stage comes.  Well, I’m long past the wedding stage and pretty much out of the baby stage, with the exception of family; which is where this wedding comes in.  My beautiful cousin recently got married and I couldn’t bring myself to go without my camera.  I tried to be a good guest and a friend to the photographer by enjoying the ceremony and staying out of the way.  My cousin called me the paparazzi – most of my photos where taken well out of the way of her hired photographer.  To see his work, visit him on Facebook here.  It was a lot of fun having the opportunity to capture some of the details of her wedding, a few shots of my cousin with her new husband, and some of our family and friends.  I hope you enjoy a guests view of this beautiful wedding.

Wishing Amber and Eric a long and happy marriage!



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